Friday, February 10, 2012

What is love?

Love is like a delicate bird,
If you hold it tightly it dies.
If you hold it lightly, it’s sure to fly
Away Right in front of your eyes

Love is like a rainbow,
That falls far away into a pot of gold.
We find ourselves searching
But the adventure can surely become old.

Love is a story,
Awaiting to be told,
Love is a river,
Flowing between the hill
Gentle and calm, current almost still.

Love is a rushing water fall
With tremendous currents busting at freewill
Love is the definition of triumph
The synonym of pain
The joy of a broken heart
To know that you once loved
The sorrow of a young woman
Who’s spirit never rose above.

Love is the warmth
You feel from your glove.
It is the battle of your life
That only few seem to win
And the majority that seems to lose
Never wants to begin again
You’ll never know love
Until you experience it both ways
The joy and happiness
And also the horrible sad days
Don’t Love?
No don't Love Two,
But Love One who always Loves YOU

- Written by: Topher Alionto

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