Friday, July 22, 2011

I had a dream

I had a dream,

it seemed so real you shot me in my heart,

i got back up

but i realized now,

that it's true you shot me so deep,

the bullet remains

I'm still living with it there,

bleeding I'm bleeding inside, still, day after day

living with the bullet that you shot in mebarely standing, barely living, bleeding

but that wound is not the only one I have more left,

each with a different gun

different people shoot me,

and yet I stand bearing all the bullets that are put in me

but the worst part isn't them there,

bleeding the worst part is, I'm bleeding alone.

In search of another sky

Life was ruthless and I was quiet,

Roads were dark and there was no plight,

Silence was profound and everything was numb.

When life took a turn, and shackles were shunned,

The dawn of hope pierced the darkness,

Was it a myth or mystic charm ,

That steered my heart and enlightened my soul.

I trampled the earth and walked on the desolate road,

The gusty winds blew past-by,

And I hovered in search of another sky.

Ashish Saket

Monday, July 18, 2011

Down the Memory Lane

Strolling down the memory lane,

I met her on the lonely road once again,

It was the dream I never dreamt.

I stood on the path, and she just walked like that,

I couldn't speak, as if it wasn't a dream,

Though distance was less, but our souls were far.

Now on those roads existed the smoke,

just reminiscence of fire,

Love was farce and loneliness was truth,

And all I own is a deep remorse.

Ashish Saket :(